In order to ensure a secure environment for our clients, the 121 VIP UNIT integrates a variety of innovative technologies and maintains a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Using advanced countermeasures, the 121 VIP UNIT executes security operations that deter, minimize and decisively responds to identified threats and vulnerabilities. The protective environment is enhanced by specialized resources within the 121 VIP UNIT, including:

A. The Airspace Security Branch;
B. The Counter Sniper Team;
C. The Emergency Response Team;
D. The Counter Surveillance Unit;
E. The Counter Assault Team;
F. The Hazardous Agent Mitigation and Medical Emergency Response Team
G. and the Magnetometer Operations Unit.


Our Close Protection Security and Bodyguard services include:

Individual Bodyguards, Close Protection Officer, VIP Protection Services, adhoc or regular services for all client types. The specific skills and abilities of the Agent(s) are discussed and tailored to a clients needs.

Several Close Protection Officers, including Bodyguards and Personal Escort Officers for short, mid and long term engagements, also clients attending conferences, functions, events, public appearances, or requiring increased security during a holiday, business trip or social engagement.

Fully integrated Close Protection Service perhaps with Residential Security Teams, Security Drivers, Medical cover, Anti Surveillance and other specialist support providing 24-hour Bodyguard protection for Families, Individuals, Corporate Executives, Religious Leaders, Diplomats, Celebrities at any time, in any location.

Specialist Close Protective Services are available for Media or NGO Teams (operating in conflict zones or hostile environments).

Travel advice and risk assessment, including liaison with host nation police, medical, embassy, other organizations as required

Worldwide site surveys, including country reports and specific site surveys, with full multimedia reports and recommendations where required

Luxury VIP (private) transport services, land, sea and air options, worldwide.

Tracking and Alert Button services, providing worldwide reassurance and services at the touch of a button.

Kidnap & Ransom response, including insurance policies, liaison with local and international law enforcement, control of media exposure, negotiation and the safe retrieval of a client, with full security and medical coverage.


In order to ensure cases/enquiries of clients are well investigated and presented, 121 INVESTIGATION UNIT integrates a variety of innovative technologies, techniques and maintains a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Our team of highly skilled private detectives are trained to obtain that evidence by carrying out services to suit the needs of you, the client, bringing the situation to a rapid conclusion and giving you the peace of mind.


  • Corporate Investigation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Investigative due diligence
  • Asset Searches
  • Computer Forensics
  • Fraud Prevention


  • Vendor Integrity
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Act
  • IP Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Anti – Money Laundering
  • Construction and Real Estate

We also help clients avoid costly fines by ensuring that they meet required screening regulations. Our legal professionals and industry experts can provide updated screening requirements for those in regulated industries such as banking, healthcare, insurance, securities, sports and transportation.

  1. Substance Abuse Testing
  2. Credit Screening
  3. International Background Checks
  4. Vendor Screening


Our broad range of clean-slate approach to finding right solutions have led us to develop new ideas that accommodate the ever changing needs of our client.

Our services are based on the individual care and attention we give to every case and the active contribu-tion of experienced practitioners guiding every part of our integrated operations. We believe our ethical approach and our commitment to standards of excellence and compliance make a valuable contribution that helps to shape our Industry.

  • Tracing Assignments
  • Vehicle, High Value Assets and Cargo Tracking


We invite tracing assignments involving the following missing or sought persons:

Missing Persons
Absconders (Court)
Wanted Persons
Persons of Interest
Childhood Friends and Sweethearts
Adoptive and Biological Relatives


We provide the very best security operatives in all aspects of the security industry at all types of events across the South Africa & SADEC region with our head office at Industria West, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our operators are trained to the highest industry standards. As well as receiving our event in-house training which insures that they are fully aware and understand exactly what is expected of them at all times by us and our clients.

We offer a broad range of security operators such as:

  • Management Teams
  • Crowd Management Consultancy
  • PSIRA Licensed Door Supervisors
  • PSIRA Security Guarding
  • Security High Risk Response Team
  • Surveillance Teams
  • Safety Stewards
  • Close Protection Security
  • Front of Stage Pit Teams
  • Control Room Operatives
  • Traffic Management
  • VIP & Backstage
  • Festival and Event Security

Tour Security
Our security can be tailored to your needs to ensure your tour goes smoothly across all locations and venues. We work dynamically to give you a great service.

Crowd Safety and Management
We have vast experience of managing events. Our management team have obtained/are currently enrolled at institutions that offer courses in Crowd Safety Management.

Event Surveillance
Covert surveillance is often vital in today’s environments. Employing various tried and tested methods and equipped with the latest technology, our officers can covertly and seamlessly monitor and adapt to any situation, therefore providing you with a blanket of protection and ultimately peace of mind.

121 Event Stewards
Our Event Safety Stewards are trained team members that play an essential role in insuring the smooth running and safety of any event that we are involved. They have a wide range of duties from front of house customer service to managing entrances & exits as well as backstage duties and assistance on emergency evacuations. All our Safety Stewards are proactive, efficient, reliable and approachable people who are able to assist the public and clients.


We have a great deal of expertise in delivering security, front of house, and corporate reception services to prestige clients. We are committed to being the best – big enough to cope with the largest project, yet small enough to maintain the personal service that has brought us success. We build sustainable service solutions that drive demonstrable value, utilizing the latest technology and management methodologies. Vector of company performance, our quality policy must:

121 National Protection’s ‘high-end’ security offers clients the reassurance that any threat can be swiftly identified and effectively resolved.

With our attention to detail, we will ensure that front of house and reception areas are maintained and enhanced to the highest standards.

Where 121 National Protection’s corporate reception teams are deployed, our clients can be reassured that their guests will be effortlessly assisted.

Following an initial risk assessment of the client’s mail-handling facility, our approach to this area of security is peerless.

We are a supplier of good quality guarding services. When it comes to manned guarding it is all about people.

We builds sustainable service solutions utilising the latest technology and management processes. From on-site security installations to CCTV.

Our assured service is designed to reflect the requirements for properties that do not require a full-time security presence.


Protection and life safety systems play a crucial role in every business and private home. When you adopt a state-of-the-art security solution provider like 121 Security Solutions, you send out a positive sign illustrating that the safety of your employees, clients and your family are of utmost significance. We premier provider of security systems and solutions. We offer full service for our products including installation, repairs and training on how to get the most out of your new security product. Our Superior Quality Products Enhance the security of your property, business or organization with the latest technology. We offer a line of high quality security devices, products and systems for virtually any application.


  • Financial Banking
  • Gaming, Sports & Leisure
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • IT/Telecom/Professional Services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Ports/Maritime/Transportation
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Aviation
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Education


  • Access Control
  • Event Management
  • Intrusion Security
  • Video Security
  • Location Based Security
  • Physical Security
  • Information Management